Griffin, Joseph

Joseph Griffin (1833-1902) was a mineral water manufacturer who co-owned the Bristol-based company Batten & Co., also known as Batten, Griffin & Prudencio. After 1880 he moved to Sussex established another mineral water company.

Griffin was born in 1833 in Congresbury, Somerset. His parents, Joseph and Louisa Griffin came from the nearby villages of Kenn and Puxton. Griffin senior was a farmer and butcher. By 1851, the Griffin family had moved to Kenn, where Griffin and his father both worked as butchers.

In 1858, Griffin married a Londoner named Elizabeth Richardson in Bedminster, Bristol. The couple had two daughters, both of whom were born in Cardiff in the late 1850s. By 1861, Griffin and his family were living at Wellington Cottage in Bedminster, and by 1871, they had moved to 9 Wilson Street, in the St Pauls area of Bristol. Throughout this period, Griffin worker as a warehouse clerk.

During the early 1870s, Griffin formed a mineral water manufacturing partnership with Francisco Prudencio and Charles Batten. The partnership was dissolved in 1880, following Griffin’s decision to retire. By this date, Griffin was living at 42 Albert Street, St Pauls.

Following his supposed retirement, Griffin and his wife moved to Hastings in Sussex. He is recorded on the 1891 and 1901 censuses as a mineral water manufacturer, which suggests that he probably started a new company – possibly Griffin & Woodcock Ltd. of Hastings. Joseph Griffin died on the 2nd of December 1902 at his home at 5 Elphinstone Road, in Hastings.


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