Brooke, Charles

Charles Brooke (1811-1890) was a mineral water manufacturer who founded the Bath based mineral water company Brooke & Co.

Charles Brooke was born in Bath in about 1811. By 1846 he was working as a druggist and manufacturing soda water at 44 Walcot Street, Bath. In 1851 his son, Thomas Brooke, was working as his assisstant, but he later left to form his own mineral water company

By 1861, he had entered into a partnership with his son-in-law Charles Thronthwaite. In 1870 Thornthwaite died and the business reverted to Brooke’s sole ownership. By 1889, Brooke has passed the business on to his son Thomas; by this date the company was based at 20 Grove Street, Bath.

Charles Brooke died at 5 Walcot Street on the 12th of March 1890, leaving only £15 to his son Thomas.