Brooke & Co.

Brooke & Co. was a Bath based mineral water company, which was founded by Charles Brooke in about 1846. The company was initially based in Brooke’s chemist shop at 44 Walcot Street. By 1861 Brook & Co was being run as a partnership between Charles Brooke and his son-in-law Charles Thornthwaite.

Thornthwaite died in 1870, aged only 42, leaving his half of the business to his wife Sarah. By 1889, the company had been passed on to Charles Brooke’s son Thomas, who also owned T. Brooke & Co. and co-founded Brooke & Prudencio Ltd. By this date, Brooke & Co. was based at 20 Grove Street, Bath.

Thomas Brook died in 1898 and his property passed to his cousin William Pearce Tapp, who worked as an insurance salesman. By 1901 Tapp had sold the business to the mineral water manufacturer Frederick Matthew Millard, and by the 1930s Brook & Co. was being run by as a partnership between Millard and John Andrews Caney.

Millard and Caney’s partnership was dissolved on the 3rd of September 1932, but the company, which was still based at 20 Grove Street, continued operating until at least the 1940s. The factory suffered minor damage resulting from air raids during the Second World War.


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