Brooke and Prudencio Ltd.

brooke-htsb-09aBrooke & Prudencio Ltd. was a Bristol-based soft drinks manufacturer that operated between 1889 and 1960. The company, founded by Francisco Prudencio and Thomas Brooke, had a large factory on Newfoundland Road in St Pauls, Bristol.

When the company was formed, Brooke and Prudencio closed their existing factories on Captain Carey’s Lane and Nine Tree Hill and moved their equipment to the Newfoundland Road works. The first managing directors of the company were Thomas Brooke,  John Wilcox, Francisco Prudencio and his nephew Francis Antonius Cotterell.

Brooke & Prudencio Ltd.

A Commer delivery lorry being loaded at Brooke & Prudencio Ltd’s Newfoundland Road factory in the 1930s

The company went into voluntary liquidation on the 11th of April 1921. It is unclear who purchased the company, but it’s new owners continued trading under the existing name. By the mid-1930s Brooke & Prudencio Ltd. had factories at Duntshill Road, in Wandsworth, London, and 102-3 St Thomas’s Street, Portsmouth. By 1944 it had a further bottling plant on Davies Lane, Lewes, East Sussex. During the early 1950s the Portsmouth branch was re-located to Gruneisen Road (which became a Corona Depot in 1958). The company went into receivership on the 15th of January 1960. The Newfoundland Road factory was demolished prior to the construction of the M32 motorway in the early 1970s.


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