Mineral Water

The process of impregnating water with carbon dioxide to make fizzy drinks, such as soda water or lemonade, was discovered by Joseph Priestley in 1767, but the first person to produce them on a commercial scale was  Jacob Schweppe, who founded J. Schweppe & Co. in Geneva in 1783. The market for carbonated drinks did however remained fairly small until King William IV of England adopted the beverage in 1831. The subsequent popularity of fizzy drinks led to a proliferation of small manufacturers, producing a bewildering range of products. During the early 20th century, consolidation within the industry gradually drove most of the smaller manufacturers out of business, and by the middle of the century the market was dominated by a few National and International brands.

The following list will eventually include all of the companies that are known to have  operated in Bristol in the 19th and 20th centuries. Further details of each company is provided by clicking on the links.

Anderson, P.

Ball & Pinnell

Batten & Co.

Batten, Griffin & Prudencio

Batten & Prudencio

Beavis, Charles Edwards

Bolton, J.

Boyce, H. & Son

Bristol & Bath Aerated Water Co.

Brooke & Prudencio Ltd.

Brooke, T.

Bryant, S.

Bryant, W.

Carter & Co.

Carter, H.W. & Co.

Chemists Aerated  and Mineral Water Association Ltd. (‘CAMWAL’)

Clayton, S. & Sons

Cole, J.


Conington, Daniel

Conington, Mrs Mary Jane

Craymer, S.

Cross, Richard

Davies, D.

Ford, O.

Gazzard, George

Gazzard, George

Gazzard, Miss Emily

Gilby, George Gilbert,

Gilby, Son & Webb

Goldsworthy & Co.

Hansford & Co.

Hillier A.M & Co.

Hillier, Herbert

Hopkins, W.

Hopkinson, F.

Hunt, Frederick

Hurcum & Co.

Ingram & Royale Ltd.

James William

Keevil, Robert & Co.

Keystone Co.’s Mineral Water Works

King, G.C. & Co.

Margrate & Co.

Masey & Co.

Mason & Co.

Mawditt, E.E.

Miles & Short

Mills, James George

Quick A.E. & Co.

Roughsedge & Summers

Schweppe, J. & Co.

Sodastream Ltd.

Standard Beverage Co. (Late C.W. Batten & Co.)

Stinchcombe & Son

Summers, W. & Co.

Thomas G. & Co.

Thomas W. & Co.

Towers , J.

Travers, S. & Co.

Victoria Mineral Water Co.

Wigmore & Son

Willis William

Withy & Co.


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