Industrial Bristol has been created as a place to gather together histories of the people, businesses and places involved in the industrialisation of Bristol between the 17th and 20th centuries. The initial focus will be the mineral water and glass bottling industries, but it will gradually expand to include a wide range of other topics. This website is a work in progress, but new information is being added on a regular basis, so check back soon to see what’s new.


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  1. Tony Laverton

    I have been researching my relative Frederick Laverton of Bristol. b 16 April 1815, Trowbridge, Wiltshire.
    d Saturday, 20 Jan 1883 at Colchester House, Clifton Park, Bristol.

    Frederick, who was born four years before his brother Abraham, developed a thriving business in Bristol during the latter half of the 19th century. He founded Laverton & Co who were house furnishers, cabinet makers and general bed and bedstead manufacturers operating from 1843 to 1887 at various locations in the City. He had originally started in business as Laverton & Boucher as early as 1837 in Castle Street but this was dissolved in 1842 on the death of John Boucher.

    Over 30 years Laverton & Co. earned a reputation as the largest house furnishers in the west of England at one time submitting a tender to refit and furnish part of the Lord Mayor’s Mansion House in Bristol. However they were unsuccessful due to the proposals not being sufficiently in accord with the general character of the rooms to be furnished. Their prices were also regarded as too high, although it seems some pieces were commissioned.

    If you would like to see what else I have discovered please let me know.

    Tony Laverton (Bristol)



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